Art's Birthday / Fête de l'art

== January 17 Upgrade : Art’s Birthday ==

On January 17th 2006, Upgrade MTL will take part in the Montreal art events celebrating Art’s Birthday.

Since the proclamation of Fluxus artist Robert Filiou in 1963 that art was born when a sponge was dropped in a bucket of water, January 17th is Art’s Birthday. Art was born 1,000,000 years ago and artists and artist groups everywhere around the globe celebrate this important anniversary by organizing events and happenings, long distance and telematic art, by eating cake and offering gifts to Art. Every year, Art’s Birthday becomes an occasion for exchange between artists and art events. Filiou’s Eternal Network grows this way by exploring the telecommunications arts.

So mark your calendar on January 17th 2006 as Studio XX, Upgrade Montréal, OBORO, La Centrale, articule, Terminus1525 and others embark on a fresh and poetic outing in collaboration with various artists and Montreal artist-run centres who will celebrate with us the eternal birthday of Art.

You are invited to participate in two events. Starting January 17th, you will be able to view (and send!) Art’s Birthday e-cards at Studio XX. This is a MAIL @RT project that fastforwards Mail Art into digital realms. Send your mail art card to: < art @ studioxx . org > . ASCII art, text, language, pictures, etc., all welcome.

And on January 17th, a number of events are open to the public and artists alike. See the schedule below. The Upgrade Montreal, as well as participating in the event, will have a stand at La Centrale, stocked with excellent books, CDs and posters of which the entire proceeds will go the Critical Art Ensemble Legal Defense Fund….

== schedule ==

17h00 Studio XX
338 Terrasse Saint-Denis
RENDEZ-VOUS : Départ / start

“Paysages politique”
intervention pour medias audiophoniques portatifs (avec Danny
Perreault et Pascale Malaterre)

* amenez: I-pod / lecteur audio mp3 portatif / cd portatif /

17.45 OBORO
4001 Berri, local 301

“Machines for Social Circumstances” (de Nicholas Stedman)

* amenez: votre tasse / thermos
chocolat chaud & thé servis sur place et à emporter!

+ articule
4001 Berri, local 105

“Atelier avec Yoyo Yogasmana”
co-présentation articule et Diffusion Système Minuit du Québec

19.00 Parc Lafontaine (théâtre Laverdure)

“L’abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze”
Deleuze interviewé par Claire Tarnet, une projection sauvage (idée
et réalisation de Jimmy Lakatos en collaboration avec Pascale

* surprises à la fin…

20.00 La Centrale
4296 St-Laurent

Party fête de l’art / Art’s Birthday Party
MAIL@RT, jeux, gourmandises, livres, danse?, avec/with Studio XX,
terminus1525, Upgrade Montréal




The Upgrade est une organisation autonome, internationale et rhizomatique de
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The Upgrade is an autonomous, international and grassroots organisation of
gatherings for digital culture and the technology arts in Montréal.
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